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Enter the Queendom...

                                                 Many of my friends know I  

                                                   keep bees, few know that I've  

                                                   taken to writing about them.  

                                                    I've long asked myself what

                                                     would life be like if we lived

                                                      by the bees' rules?  I'm

                                                      exploring the answer to this

                                                        through my "honey fairies".

                                                      The politics, the societal

                                                     roles, and the many rules and  

                                                   facets of life in the hive, are

                                                 what have made beekeeping so

                                             rewarding despite the hard work,

                                          expenses and painful stings!  I hope you enjoy exploring the world of "Queendom" and meeting the characters.

As this site features what is a work-in-progress, rest assured that I'm aware I still have many new ideas and revisions that need to be incorporated- characters that need to be better fleshed out, scenes that need to be better described...

...but for now, why not come along with me on my creative journey.  Share the excitement and intrigue of chasing the story in my head- and share your ideas!  I love to hear feedback so that I can better develop this story and as a writer in general.

Have you enjoyed Queendom?  Please leave me feedback, either on the individual chapter pages, or in my guestbook- or if you're feeling extra generous, please make a donation to help keep my many bee and art projects rolling.  Any contribution is greatly appreciated!

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