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I offer a wide range of services that utilize various skills of crafting, sculpting, painting, drawing, teaching and art therapy.  I'm also a very flexible and versatile person with loads of ideas, so feel free to challenge me!


Like my style?  Have an idea you'd like to see brought to life?  Let's do it!

Commissions are a hard thing to put a price on since one has to consider size, medium and level of detail in the desired piece, but to give you a rough idea...

Sketches and black-and-white ink drawings start at $10

Color illustrations done with computer or marker start at $20

Paintings and sculptures start at $25 and vary by size and detail

Email me for a free estimate!


Art Classes...

From children to adolescents to seniors...From simple crafts to fine art...The sky is the limit!

Birthday Parties for children: Whats the best kind of party favor?  One that the kids had a hand in making themselves- it's not just a gift, but a memory! Children will create fabulous and even functional crafts to take home (ie polymer clay jewelry, figurines, pen sets, candles, etc) Starting at $10 per child, plus cost of supplies, minimum 5 children, maximum number depends on whether other adults can assist the kids.  Get in touch to find out what fun possibilities are in store!

Private Tutoring in the fine arts, illustration, sculpture, etc:  starting at $50/hr

Group Lessons: Grab friends of any age for an educational and expressively fun time!  Make polymer clay jewelry, craft beeswax candles, decorate martini glasses, or explore  your inner self in the company of good friends!  Great for classes at senior centers, girls' night out, and family fun-time!

Interested in a class?  Let's talk!

Art Therapy...

Art is relaxing.  It can soothe and comfort.  Art can transmute anger into serenity.  It can externalize pain and sorrow and share these feelings with the world so that we know we are not alone.  Art can provide witness to our triumphs and answers to the most difficult questions.  The simple process of making art is therapeutic.  

From the playful to the painful, from illustration to abstract, art can touch us on many levels.  Art therapy is a useful psychotherapy modality that helps with expression and communication of emotions, internal struggles, and anything that is difficult to come to terms with using only words.  When blocks are encountered in psychotherapy, art can be the bridge that helps us delve deeper.

With a Masters Degree in Art Therapy from Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, Connecticut, I am not just an artist, but also a trained therapist.  If you are looking to explore yourself through art, or trying to come to terms with difficult emotions, I can guide you on your journey using art therapy directives and offering verbal counseling in addition.

Group therapy and individual therapy is available starting at $75 an hour.  Please get in touch for more information via the contact page.



Like your art life-size or larger?  Let's talk murals.  I've has been designing and painting murals since childhood.  Whether you're looking for an illustrative scene for a child's room, doctor's office or school, or if you're looking for stylish accents to any room in your house, murals provide a one-of-a-kind immersive experience that go the extra mile in defining your space.  Prices vary widely based on size, style, and time frame to be completed, but start at $200.  Get in touch via the contact page for more information!

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