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History of


BSOTR was originated by Robert Schwartz, Psy.D., a close collaborator of Bessel Van Der Kolk. It is a combination of Brief, Solution Oriented therapy, hypnosis, NLP, and Gestalt into a seamless, elegant method that helps clients integrate their hurt younger Selves. This creates an integration that provides a blueprint for positive self-parenting, the very foundation for mental, emotional and relationship health.

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The training for BSOTR is currently taught to clinicians by Yudit Maros, LMFT, C.Ht.  Yudit trained under Robert Schwarz and, with his permission, has been bringing the training to other mental health professionals in person for the past twenty years.

In 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic, BSOTR training first moved to being taught by webinar.  At that same time, clinicians around the country also moved to teletherapy, and found that using BSOTR with clients via telehealth is just as powerful as in-person sessions.

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