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BSOTR Training for Clinicians

The ability to assess and resolve trauma is one of the most fundamental skills for any therapist. Trauma is highly prevalent in the clinical populations, estimated to effect over 80% of the cases. Unless trauma is resolved where it is stored, in the body, clients will feel stuck, and unable to learn new ways to think, feel and act.


BSOTR is a highly sophisticated skill to extinguish body memory of trauma. It works in one-to-two sessions to extinguish somatic symptoms of trauma (flashbacks, startle reaction, nightmares), that works on virtually any and all trauma.


Clinicians can learn BSOTR in one day, and then practice and perfect their skills over time.


BSOTR was originated by Robert Schwartz, Psy.D., a close collaborator of Bessel Van Der Kolk. It is a combination of Brief, Solution Oriented therapy, hypnosis, NLP, and Gestalt into a seamless, elegant method that helps clients integrate their hurt younger Selves. This creates an integration that provides a blueprint for positive self-parenting, the very foundation for mental, emotional and relationship health.


BSOTR allows clients to get un-stuck from old hurts and be able to learn new ways to be in the world. Thus, it is a pre-requisite for the training in positive self-parenting as presented in the Authenticity Therapy© Certification Training by Yudit Maros, LMFT, C.Ht.

What Clinicans Are Saying...

I learned everything I needed to know to begin using this treatment in just one day.  I've been using it three years now, and it is not only effective, but incredibly versatile.  I have utilized this technique blended with art therapy, internal family systems (IFS), and hypnotherapy.  

-Briana Benn-Mirandi, LPC, CLAT, ATR-BC

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